Grazer Linuxtage would not exist without so many talks, workshops and info booths. Everything is organized and presented by a large number of volunteers every year. We rely on our angels on-site helping us with many small tasks.

Which kind of tasks are taken up by angels? I want to give an overview:

  1. Greeting visitors and handing over a visitor’s bag.

  2. Frontdesk needs help with selling merchandise and needs support as information center of the event.

  3. Guideposts need to be placed and maintained to guide visitors to desired locations.

  4. Our infrastructure team is glad about any helping hands. The majority of tasks include running a cabel and carrying hardware.

  5. Hygiene products in toilets will expend. They need to be filled up regulary.

  6. During the event, we rely on photographers and twitter-users to collect media files. We are also glad about reviews on weblogs.

  7. In every lecture hall, the livestream and audio recording needs supervision. Furthermore a session chair is required to give speakers signals about remaining presentation time.

  8. Once the event ends, all equipment needs to be disassembled. Collect guideposts, remove posters, tidy up lecture halls and disassemble infrastructure.

(Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 5 are omitted for the online event GLT21. But thus task 4 is much more important) Can you help us? We are glad about help!

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