Grazer Linuxtage would not live without its great community. They ensure that we are able to organize our event annually and are able to discuss open-source and other technical topics.

But how could you specifically help at GLT? We would like to give an overview…

  1. You can offer talks, workshops or info booths about topics you find interesting. Submit them within our Call for Participation to become a lecturer. Talks trigger discussions and define the programm of our event.

  2. Before the event, we need help with many small tasks. For example, somebody has to distribute posters and beercoasters everywhere in Graz. Small printing jobs need to be ordered and picked up. And so much more! Contact us via eMail to become an angel.

  3. Our financial situation is currently stable, so we luckily do not have to worry about financing future events. Still, we have to rely on our sponsors to support us. Become a sponsor! Consider our different sponsoring bundles.

  4. We are also glad about private donations. You can do so via Bitcoin address 1GLTBBirbj8GZ8uY1gwovZ1QEMjfWu3rWT or our bank account:
    IBAN: AT75 4477 0000 5001 1715 (signed)
    Owner: Grazer Linuxtage - Verein zur Förderung freier Soft- und Hardware

  5. For an event like Grazer Linuxtage, much needs to be done in preparation. We have Teams for web content, sponsoring, program for the next GLT, our digital infrastructure (system administrators), our event infrastructure (cooperating with University of Technology, Graz), social media, app development, graphical design and many more. Are you interested in participating and do you find (at least) one of those tasks exciting? Contact us via eMail to become a member of organization.

We also need angels on site. We created a separate page for participation.

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