GLT20 statement

Dear friends of Grazer Linuxtage!

Sadly, we need to cancel Grazer Linuxtage 2020.

In recent days, we were observing the situation regarding COVID-19 closely. Recent measures in Italy indicated what was about to come. The final decision was enacted by the decree of the Austrian government followed by the decisions made by Graz University of Technology. As reaction to the newest measures by the Austrian government, Graz University of Technology closes all buildings for courses and events by tomorrow. This affects GLT20 (17th and 18th of April). Grazer Linuxtage 2020 does not take place.

The TU Graz announcement says [in German],

„Due to the current situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and by decree of the Austrian government, measures are taken. In particular, all courses requiring presence and any further events are cancelled starting from tomorrow (11.3) until 19th of April. In the given time span, buildings at TU Graz cannot be used as event location. All study centers and study rooms are locked down, […]“ via

Thus, TU Graz is not going to host GLT. We considered alternatives:

  • different location → the risk of COVID-19 remains and would be disallowed assuming measures by the government are extended beyond 9th of April
  • online talks → in theory, possible. However, reducing GLT to its talks is not an approach supported by a majority of GLT representatives

In conclusion, we have recognized that GLT is enjoyed in its entirety. Thus we join a series of events that have already been cancelled due to the outbreak. We are very sorry about this and hope to see you at Grazer Linuxtage 2021 again.

The organization team of GLT20 🐧

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